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SUPERBIG is an alternative rock band based in Chicago, IL, consisting of lead singer/guitarist Jimmy Fountalas, drummer Blake Jiracek, lead guitarist Patrick Senorski, and bassist Anthony Settecase Since forming in 2009, the band has played some of Chicago’s most renowned stages, blasting out finely crafted bursts of crowd-pleasing rock n’ roll.


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In the rock-world of double-entendres, you gotta dig the title of this new single “Sideways Love” by SUPERBIG.  Musically, there’s many more reasons to appreciate this cut from the Chicago five-piece, I’m just sayin’ that from a straight-up literary & songwriting aspect, they already had me grinning just from thinking of all the potential ways that people could take the meanings behind the lyricism of this tune….

Sideways Love is a huge song, the perfect introduction to the Superbig sound and hopefully the start of something special. You listen to a lot of songs within the day and perhaps you become a little disconnected with the humanity behind it all, but then when you hear something that is absolutely, unquestionably performed with passion and emotional power, it hits hard. For me, this song has the feeling of being a long lost hit from a simpler time. 

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